Serene Experiences, India
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Indian market expertise
Sales representation in the Indian market requires expertise, professionalism and industry know-how. We are committed to our hotels within our carefully maintained relations with all the leading tour operators and travel agents, conference organisers, the major corporates and media both online and print and our extensive database of High net worth clients.
In order to service the growing demand in outbound business, travel agents in India are gearing up by hiring fresh talent and upgrading existing skills and knowledge to incorporate outbound tourism as part of their total product and service offering. They are either setting up exclusive departments within the existing structure or expanding aggressively to promote new verticals or companies focused only on outbound tourism.
Besides hiring fresh talent, the travel agencies have also started upgrading their existing staff to learn more about outbound destinations and to be able to sell and promote outbound tours and holidays to its clientele. The staff in the majority of agencies is trained only in the airline aspect of the business of issuing tickets. The key to success in promoting our hotels with these agents is training, otherwise a tour consultant will just be involved in executing client requests through whatever means available without being able to understand, recommend or add value to a clients holiday.
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